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We stock a very comprehensive range of underground, aboveground and wastepipe fittings, all of which are polypipe. In stock we carry;

Sewer Pipes

  • 4" 3m sewer pipe

  • 4" 6m Sewer Pipe

  • 4" 6m Perforated sewer Pipe

  • 6" 6m Sewer Pipe

Soil Pipes

  • 4" 3m Soil Pipe

  • 4" 4m Soil Pipe

  • (Available in black and grey)


Waste Pipe

  • 32mm 3m Waste Pipe

  • 40mm 3m Waste Pipe

  • 50mm 3m Waste Pipe

(We stock push fit and solvent weld. Available in white, grey & black)

Twinwall Perf / Non perf (JFC Plastics)

  • 4” 6m Twinwall

  • 6” 6m Twinwall

  • 9” 6m Twinwall

  • 12” 6m Twinwall

  • 18” 6m Twinwall

  • 24” 6m Twinwall


Land Drain Coil 

Our rolls are varied in size and length ranging from:

  • 100m/50m/25m

  • 160mm/100mm/80mm/60mm


Junctions for the pipe are available in a Y piece in 160mm & 110mm.

Multi junction.jpg

MDPE Blue Water Pipe

  • 20mm

  • 25mm

  • 32mm

  • 50mm

  • 63mm

Available in 25m, 50m, 100m and 150m Rolls


In conjunction with the pipe we stock the majority of the fittings to service most jobs.

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