We carry a large range of dry and wet pet food, accross a selection of different brands.

See our listing below, and as always if you need something a little more spesific please get in touch.

Dry Dog Food


  • Dr John Silver

  • Dr John Gold

  • Dr John Flake

  • Dr John Titanium

  • Chappie orginal 15kg

  • Pedigree chum 15kg

  • Pedigree chum mixer

  • Breeder working dog food

  • James Wellbeloved

  • Shepherds choice

  • Beta pet maintenance 3kg/14kg

  • Beta Active 3kg/14kg

  • Beta Puppy 3kg/14kg

  • Beta senior 3kg/14kg

  • Beta adult 3kg/14kg

  • Beta light 3kg/14kg



Dog Food.jpg

Dog food tins

  • Country Choice dog 6 tins

  • Pedigree chum 24 tins


Cat Food

  • Crunchy Cat biscuits

  • Country choice cat tins 6 pack

  • Whiskas tins 24 pack


Other pet foods

  • Fruity rabbit food 15kg

  • Wild bird seed

  • Peanuts

  • Black sunflower seed

  • Sunflower kernals

  • Fat Balls Large/small