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It's been an adventure !



History In The Making

Back in 1912 there was an article writen about the Breck, this is a small excerpt from it

"It would be difficult to find a more compact or more pleasantly situated farm than this, and the delightful red brick house, with it's large windows and their spotless white blinds, is most conveniently placed, being practically in the centre of the 80 acres of land comprising the holding. This is the spot where the city family, in need of a restful and healthful holiday , will be well accomodated, the clean and well lighted rooms being most inviting, and the advantages of fresh butter, eggs and milk produced on the farm need no recommendation"




Where It All Began

The Lowe family started diary farming at The Breck  in 1887, over 130 years ago, These two old phototgraphs are of Lesters Father Alan Lowe and show how the farm used to be. The one above shows the yard leading to the drive and the other shows the original farmhouse as it was back then.

And the farm as it is now ...



For the past 50 Years, set right in the heart of the beautiful Derbyshire Dales, the business has been growing and growing.

They now employ over 18 staff and they stock over 6000 product lines.

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