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We stock three leading roofing brands, BLM, Iko and Velux with others available to order.

We stock different sizes of lead flashing from 6" upto 18" in both code 3 and code 4. Smaller amounts are available in code 5.

Smaller items such as lead fixings and patination oil are all stock items helping you to finish the job.

Tile lath is available in a variety of different sizes. 

  • 19mm x 38mm

  • 25mm x 38mm

  • 25mm x 50mm

Lengths do vary so please do not hesitate to call us to enquire.​

The lath is stocked in green tanalised and also type A blue grade which is prefered for roofing.

We also stock C16/24 4.8m regularised timber in the following sizes- 

  • 47mm x 75mm

  • 47mm x 100mm

  • 47mm x 150mm

  • 47mm x 200mm

Short lengths of internal studding timber are also available @ 2.4m,

these are in 3x2 & 4x2.

As well as planed untreated timber, we keep various lengths of rough sawn timber, please click the link to see the sizes we keep in.

6x2 cls.jpg
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