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Animal Feed 

We stock a large range of animal feed in store catering for all needs. If you require a particular product please give us a call and we will be able to order it in for you. 


  • Beef Nuts 25kg

  • Calf Cudlets 25kg

  • Coarse Calf Mixture 25kg

  • Cut Corn 25kg

  • Mixed Poultry 25kg

  • Layers Pellets 20kg

  • Layers Mash 20kg

  • Sheep Nuts 25kg

  • Lamb Pellets 25kg

  • Pig Sow Nuts 25kg

  • Pig Weaner Pellets 25kg

  • Pig Finisher Pellets 25kg

  • Pig Rolls 25kg

  • Growers Pellets 25kg

  • Starter Crumbs 25kg

  • Turkey Starter 25kg

  • Turkey Grower 25kg

  • Turkey Finisher 25kg

  • Bag of hen grit

  • Oyster grit

  • Denkavit Calf Milk Powder 25kg

  • Lamb Milk 10/20kg


Mineral Buckets
  • Cattle general purpose

  • Cattle hi-mag

  • Dry Cow Bucket

  • Sheep General Purpose

  • Sheep Hi-Mag

  • Owens ewe and lamb bucket

  • Owens high energy bucket

  • Standard salt blocks double pack


Loose Minerals
  • All Purpose minerals
  • General Purpose Cattle
  • Super dairy minerals


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